Pika and 18 other new lambs

Hello, I´m Pika, the smallest member of Lalli Tooma farm. I was born in the beginning of April and weighted 1,5 kilograms.

My mother decided only to take care of my sister and was very aggressive to me. Luckily my people thought that I’m too cute to let to die and started to feed me with baby bottle.

In the beginning I spent the nights in my people’s bathroom but now they say I’m big enough to stay all the time outdoors with my sheep and lamb friends. My father had lots of girlfriends in November so there are 19 of us lambs now playing together.

Pika kylppärissä

Happy and sad moments in autumn 2017

Great success and big loss, that’s life. Last autum we had it both.

We needed to say goodbye to our dear cat Reppana who became too sick to live anymore. She probably had a cancer because she lost lots of weight in a short time and couldn’t eat. It’s unbelievable how hard a death of a pet can be. Tears are running again when writing this.

A magazine called Maakodu (=Country Home) had its annual competition and for us that went great. Our home won two titles: ”The most beautiful kitchen” and the main category ”The most beautiful country home”!



A gift from the neigbours

We Finns do more planning and the Estonians act quicker, that’s one cultural thing we have learned when living here in Estonia.

We had planned to buy new chickens in the end of April as we have done every year when living here. Those chickens are brown, ”middle-aged” ones, which have already laid eggs for one year. Then we would have had the poultryhouse free for the new-born lambs with their mothers until that.

But last week our very dear neigbours decided to buy chickens for us, just because they have got eggs from us before. They came to us with 10 beautiful, grey, young chickens and one very handsome rooster. The chickens are supposed to start laying eggs in May.

The neighbours said: ”It’s a gift, you can’t say no. It’s because you are so lovely neighbours. We can take your lambs with their mothers living in our kitchen if you don’t have room for them.”

We said: ”No, no, no, no, maybe, well, yes. Thank You!”

The wolf on Muhu

For the first time for over 100 years on Muhu, a wolf killed a sheep from our neighbor almost one year ago. The attacks continued, and all of us farmers here had a year of fear, sadness and angriness.

We lost two of our dear sheep to it, and the other dead one left a one-day-old baby lamb for us which we needed to feed with a milk bottle (in the beginning six times daily) for three months. Thank you all the guests who helped us with feeding Viljo-lamb last summer!

We needed to build even better fences and move the sheep daily to the beach area and back for over half a year because we couldn’t leave them there for the night. So it was much more work and much more worrying for us.

Finally now the story of this lonely wolf has reached its end. Two days ago the hunters from Muhu and Saaremaa got it. It was a very sick wolf, the rear end of it was completely furless. Killing such a great and rare animal is not what we support normally, but in this case we think it was simply euthanasia.

Quality label of the ecological tourism

We are happy to let you know that Lalli Tooma was awarded with the quality label of the ecological tourism (EHE) as the second accommodation in Estonia!

There were lots of paper work for that but the nice project leader came here twice and helped us a lot with everything.

Then we went to Tartu to pick up the label at the annual tourism congress. It was also a mini holiday for us. We stayed for one night in a nice old hotel and went out for a pizza and beer, which is something very special for us nowadays!

Happy New Year 2016!

It is time to say THANK YOU to all you lovely people who stayed at Lalli Tooma during year 2015, the first year when we had guests staying here.

Like one of you said to us: Now when you can’t travel so much anymore (because of the animals), the world comes to you.

It was surprising how widely the world came to us already on the first year. We had guests from Australia, USA, Brazil and from many different countries in Europe.

We wish you all Happy New Year 2016, hope to meet you again!

P. S. Here is the youngest member of our farm, born 20th of December.

The very first pig

Now we have bought our first pig. It happened to be Liinas birthday when we got it from a place called Valjala on Saaremaa Island.

It travelled home in a wooden box in our car. On the way it managed to get out of the box and travelled the rest of the trip on the top of the box. So one more independent and stubborn girl on Lalli Tooma!

It weights around 7 kilos and has a really good appetite for its “Starter”-food.

Besides “Starter” it also loves Jukka scratching its sides, which needs to be done many times daily.

New chickens -and a rooster

During winter time we didn’t have our own chickens and we needed to buy the eggs from a shop, which wasn’t nice at all.

A few weeks ago we bought four chickens and our first rooster from a local farm. Yes, the rooster really starts to crow very early in the morning! So, if you come here to tent, we´ll give you some earplugs.

The previous owner couldn´t say how old these chickens are because she has so many of them, but one chicken died pretty soon. Maybe one of them is too old and another one too young, but now only one chicken gives eggs to us. And that one also crows like a rooster! So at first we gave her a Finnish male name Marko, but when she started to lay eggs we changed the name to a female one Marja.

Next Saturday the truck selling chickens will come to Muhu and then we can buy some more of them.

Meat for people and cats

Last week we visited our friends on Saaremaa Island. They have a huge amount of Highland Cattle and we came back from there with around 20 kilos of meat. Good that we have a big freezer!

On our way back home we went to Kuressaare, the main town of Estonian archipelago. There was a dog food sale in the big supermarket and so we did some serious shopping. We bought 40 big tins, which is 50 kilos, dog food for our two cats. We once read from the tins that dog food and cat food have exactly the same ingredients. Probably the dog food is cheaper only because it´s in bigger tins.

So now we have lots of food for all of us!