The wolf on Muhu

For the first time for over 100 years on Muhu, a wolf killed a sheep from our neighbor almost one year ago. The attacks continued, and all of us farmers here had a year of fear, sadness and angriness.

We lost two of our dear sheep to it, and the other dead one left a one-day-old baby lamb for us which we needed to feed with a milk bottle (in the beginning six times daily) for three months. Thank you all the guests who helped us with feeding Viljo-lamb last summer!

We needed to build even better fences and move the sheep daily to the beach area and back for over half a year because we couldn’t leave them there for the night. So it was much more work and much more worrying for us.

Finally now the story of this lonely wolf has reached its end. Two days ago the hunters from Muhu and Saaremaa got it. It was a very sick wolf, the rear end of it was completely furless. Killing such a great and rare animal is not what we support normally, but in this case we think it was simply euthanasia.