Kiisu and Reppana, the cats of Lalli Tooma

Now, in February 2015 we have two cats living with us here at Lalli Tooma. They are not allowed to come into the main house because Liina is allergic to them.

Kiisu (the name means a little cat in Estonian) is a black and white cat girl. She was found in a garbage container in Tartu town. From Tartu she moved to our neighbour here on Muhu Island, but the male cat there disliked her very much and chased her away all the time. In January 2014, when it was really cold weather here, she came behind our window begging for help.

Now Kiisu has her own “box-home” in our corridor and also own little “door” allowing her to come and go as she wants. She is still very shy but she enjoys her life very much. In winter she loves to come to sauna with us, she stays there during both the heating and the bathing time, around five hours. She is also useful hunting mice very well. When the veterinarian came to us, we asked if Kiisu is already too fat, but the nice lady answered: “Oh no, she is a beautiful cat!” And Kiisu knows that.

Reppana (the name means something like the poor one in Finnish) is a grey and white cat girl who came to us in October 2014. We don´t know for how long she had been living by herself before that. She had many wounds and was really hungry and dirty when she came, but after a few weeks rest and lots of food it was all different. She lives now in our garage and still eats like a little lion. She is not shy at all and loves to follow Jukka all the time when he works outdoors hoping to have a little hugging time together.



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