New chickens -and a rooster

During winter time we didn’t have our own chickens and we needed to buy the eggs from a shop, which wasn’t nice at all.

A few weeks ago we bought four chickens and our first rooster from a local farm. Yes, the rooster really starts to crow very early in the morning! So, if you come here to tent, we´ll give you some earplugs.

The previous owner couldn´t say how old these chickens are because she has so many of them, but one chicken died pretty soon. Maybe one of them is too old and another one too young, but now only one chicken gives eggs to us. And that one also crows like a rooster! So at first we gave her a Finnish male name Marko, but when she started to lay eggs we changed the name to a female one Marja.

Next Saturday the truck selling chickens will come to Muhu and then we can buy some more of them.