A gift from the neigbours

We Finns do more planning and the Estonians act quicker, that’s one cultural thing we have learned when living here in Estonia.

We had planned to buy new chickens in the end of April as we have done every year when living here. Those chickens are brown, ”middle-aged” ones, which have already laid eggs for one year. Then we would have had the poultryhouse free for the new-born lambs with their mothers until that.

But last week our very dear neigbours decided to buy chickens for us, just because they have got eggs from us before. They came to us with 10 beautiful, grey, young chickens and one very handsome rooster. The chickens are supposed to start laying eggs in May.

The neighbours said: ”It’s a gift, you can’t say no. It’s because you are so lovely neighbours. We can take your lambs with their mothers living in our kitchen if you don’t have room for them.”

We said: ”No, no, no, no, maybe, well, yes. Thank You!”


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